VILLAGE ROADSHOW GREECE is the Greek subsidiary of Village Roadshow Ltd, the Australian-listed entertainment company, active within the motion picture exhibition and distribution sector. It was established in Greece in 1997 with the launching of the country's first multiplex cinema center in Maroussi, Athens.

DEMCO Group attained 100% share capital of VILLAGE ROADSHOW GREECE on October 2009. VILLAGE GREECE operations include cinema theaters, film distribution and production. VILLAGE GREECE has under its flag VILLAGE CINEMAS & LEISURE and VILLAGE FILMS (local productions included).

For over 15 years, the VILLAGE brand has become synonymous to cinema, entertainment and innovation. Particularly in the Greek market, the VILLAGE brand defines the meaning of cinema. Today it owns 7 multiplexes in Athens and the Greek mainland. With 69 fully digitalized auditoriums around Greece (16 of which support 3D technology and 4 support Dolby Atmos audio technology), VILLAGE CINEMAS steadily invests in the development of new high quality cinema centers.

The company distributed exclusively in Greece the Warner Bros. releases and the co-productions of Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow - the biggest independent producer in Hollywood. It has long-term relationships with the rest of the important independent film studios in the United States and Europe, such as Studio Canal, QED, Spyglass, IM Global, etc. VILLAGE FILMS is also active in local productions. “To Klama Vgike apo ton Paradeiso” was the first film VILLAGE co-produced. «A Touch of Spice» was a huge local success with 1.3 million admissions. Other box office hits include «Alter Ego», «Zoe’s Kiss», «Bank Bang», the «Nisos» franchise, the hit of the season 2012-2013 “What if…” with Christopher Papakaliatis and the smash hit of the season 2015 - 2016 "Worlds Apart" with Christopher Papakaliatis. VILLAGE FILMS also handles all film rights (DVD, digital and cable TV, free to air networks, VOD, SVOD, PPV – hotels, ships, airline companies) in all independent film acquisitions. In 2012, it launched the Village Cinema channel in the PAY TV platform of OTE TV. 

40th km Attiki Ave.
S.E.A. Mesogion, 190 02 Peania
Tel.: +30 210 2704800
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