Plus Productions S.A.  was founded in April 2004. The company's field of activity is audio - visual productions, from the initial idea, creative process and concept development, to production and the completion of a project.

It has undertaken the production of TV series, game shows, reality and talent shows, satirical, informative and entertainment programs, as well as advertisments and corporate video spots, recordings of theatre plays and concerts. Most of Plus's television productions are broadcast through Alpha TV.

Several of its productions, like sitcoms "Min Arhizeis Tin Mourmoura" (Don't Start Nagging) and "To Soi Sou" (Your Kin), the real - life entertainment show "Kati Psinete" (Come Dine With Me) and the game show "Akou Ti Eipan" (Family Feud) often top TV broadcast ratings.

Since 2014 its activities have expanded even further. By undertaking the production of Christopher Papakaliatis' film with the working title "Eros", Plus Productions has vigorously entered the field of cinema.

Plus Productions aims to ensure first - class standards as required by each production, by utilizing its extensive know - how. The company also runs a casting department and its owned post - production facilities.





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