PERKAT was founded in 1997 with the vision to build the homes of the future.  PERKAT builds housing units that are functional, of high quality, environmentally sound and in sync with the needs of the modern family.

The first housing complex of 30 condos, called “4 seasons”, occupies a territory of 25 acres where each condo has its own garden and private parking space.  The name “4 seasons” was given due the exceptional combination of climate and location.  The complex is in short distance from the islands of Sporades & Evia as well as the winter destinations of Arachova and Parnassos ski center.

The needs of the modern family are at the center of PERKAT’s philosophy and that’s why the company uses the finest materials in construction based on the principle that quality starts from within.  Hence, all condos have large living spaces, fireplaces, shielded doors and soundproof glasses, comfortable bedrooms and spacious storage rooms.


40th km Attiki Ave.
S.E.A. Mesogion, 190 02 Peania
Tel.: +30 212 212 3333