MyDirect is an insurance broker company that started its operation in 2011. The insurance programs of myDirect are provided by Prime Insurance Limited, also member of Demco Group.

MyDirect is a fully integrated insurance solution, all centered on the customer in the CRM system. It is the modern way of Direct Insurance that provides competitive, rich covers with low cost, customer reward system as well as 24/7 continuous support. MyDirect knowledge is based on years of in-depth insurance experience in Greek and other European markets.

MyDirect's main objective is, through its contemporary operational model that is based on new cost saving techniques and customer friendly processes, to preserve its operational costs as low as possible. As a result, car and health insurance programs that myDirect offers come to the customer at a low cost in comparison with the covers and benefits they include.

At myDirect you Direct. The customer directs how and what he wants in order to insure his car or motorbike and myDirect supports and covers him 24/7. MyDirect products are offered directly through the website and through the contact center. The customer can complete his insurance purchase fully online and pay by credit card or with cash upon delivery. This way, myDirect reduces the operational costs and hence can offer low prices.




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