DEMCO GROUP was born from DEMCO Investments and Commercial S.A. which was founded in 1969 by Dimitri Contominas. In 1974, D. Contominas founded INTERAMERICAN Group, a leading insurance and financial services company. In 2001, INTERAMERICAN was acquired by Eureko B.V. (a European insurance and asset management conglomerate), through a cross shareholding agreement. Pursuant to this agreement, D. Contominas attained a major stake in Eureko and remained Chairman of the INTERAMERICAN BoD until 2006, when he exited his Eureko shareholding.


DEMCO GROUP is largely active in Greece, while it continuously seeks to grow its business in other markets. It is currently active through affiliate partners in Romania, FYROM, Egypt, Cyprus, the Great Middle East Area as well as China, which is of a particular interest for Greek business in general. Furthermore, DEMCO GROUP is exploring business potentials in alternative territories such as energy, new media and telecommunications.


To date, more than 1700 employees work for DEMCO GROUP throughout 5 central locations in Greece. DEMCO GROUP has demonstrated an exceedingly astute and prudent investment management track record. It has posted significant profits in the recent years, primarily secured by a series of highly successful investment exits. The Group’s Total Assets (2011) stand at approx. €600 million and it has an annual turnover of approx. €300 million.

Dimitri Contominas remains the majority shareholder and Chairman of the Group.