Deal News

Now betting on ‘football bet’ and Village Cinemas

(February 2011)
Athens Voice

Kithira, by Dimitri Contominas

Asfalistiki Agora magazine

“Dimitri Contominas: They won’t dare!”

(July-August 2008)
In magazine

Businessman of the year

(2004 )
Status magazine

“Quoting Dimitri Contominas”

(May 2003)

Only the strongest survive

Alogo magazine

Dimitri Contominas: I owe all my accomplishments to the relationships I’ve developed with various people

(December 2002)
Money and Life magazine

Dimitri Contominas


(January 2002)
Leaders Annual review

Dimitri Contominas

Kefalaio magazine

 Dimitri Contominas on the Eureko deal 

(June 2001)
In magazine

Strength through unity

Big magazine

Nova man

(November 2000)
Money and Life magazine

 Dimitri Contominas: I am the director of my dreams

(April 2000)
Big magazine

The Greek version of the American dream

( March 2000)
Millennium magazine

Interamerican Group: Explosive growth with broad prospects

Member’s magazine Greek edition

Daring and ground-breaking


Manager magazine

Dimitris Contominas: Europe is our new national market

(September 1990)